Our Mission

The Institute for Supply Chain Excellence and Innovation is focused on talent development, innovation, and practices and methods to drive an efficient supply chain.

About the Institute for Supply Chain Excellence and Innovation

The Institute for Supply Chain Excellence and Innovation (ISEI) at the University of California San Diego provides crucial insights and education to industry partners, executives, policymakers and the greater community. The institute is focused on industry collaboration, the application of research for practical problem solving, and educating the next generation of supply chain leaders who will shape and transform the industry.

The Institute is housed at the UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering, in collaboration with the UC San Diego Rady School of Management.

Go behind-the-scenes in this video all about the Institute for Supply Chain Excellence and Innovation.

Education Focus

Faculty affiliated with ISEI are internationally recognized as thought leaders and experts in their fields. These academic leaders established the Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) at the Rady School of Management - one of the few established programs in supply chain analytics. Going forward, the Institute is working to enrich and expand it's educational offerings to reflect the deepening collaborations between the Jacobs School of Engineering and the Rady School of Management. 

Using the latest technologies in collaboration, learning, simulation and information technologies, institute faculty lead executive and managerial education offerings with the goal of developing world-class and highly-effective managers as well as focused education and training for organizations.

Participating organizations gain improved performance and competitive position through facilitated and accelerated sessions for strategy development, process improvement, problem solving and model building. The institute’s education and programs are aimed at high-quality students from across the globe who add value to their companies and excel in their careers. Additionally, the Rady School's Center for Executive Development offers a two-day Supply Chain Cost Management and Value Improvement course for directors and managers in supply chain and finance fields.

Industry and Community Partnerships

The institute connects industry executives and policymakers with innovative faculty research and talented graduate students to share and develop novel approaches to supply chain management. The institute works closely with industry and community partners through its education efforts, research application and knowledge sharing at symposia, seminars and networking events.

Industry partners gain access to graduate students across the institute, including students from the Rady School’s MBA and Master of Science in Business Analytics programs who can add value through research projects and internships. In addition, the institute works to assist policymakers to make better decisions by providing economic, trade and social analysis.